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The best Russian dating sites review on the web

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The best Russian dating sites review on the web

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Congratulations on reading the best Russian dating sites review on the Internet!  The reason I have the audacity to say so is because I know this review is different from any dating sites review that you’ve read before. 

I will share a few real experiences that my clients have had on these Russian dating sites, so you will know what you can expect if you join these Russian dating websites!

Lessons that we have learned:

  • Upload photos that actually look like the real you.
  • Write your profile with the help of a dating expert (or at least get someone to do proofreading for you).
  • Always ask Russian ladies to chat with you on Skype quickly.
  • Never waste your time getting a translator to communicate for you.
  • Contact the Russian dating site’s customer care team immediately if you are aware of any fraud.
  • Online dating is effective, efficient, and most importantly – it’s fun!

Okay. Now I will show you the true experiences that my clients have had while using the following Russian dating sites.  In order to protect my clients’ privacy, I’ve changed their names as well as those Russian girls’ names here.


Mike joined on 22nd June, 2017.  In order to impress Russian beauties, he asked a professional photographer to take some photos for him.  Then he uploaded these photos on his profile.  Strangely, the site manager removed his photos within 24 hours because “the photos that you uploaded seem to be a celebrity’s images rather than your own pictures & if you believe this understanding is our mistake, please contact us with further explanation.”

So of course, Mike told what he did, and then the site manager told him to upload his normal photos that actually look like him because “your Russian bride will need to see what you really look like anyway”.

Therefore, Mike changed his photos and asked me to help him with his profile.  I did some proofreading for him so his profile stands out from the crowd now, which means he doesn’t need fancy photos to impress Russian girls anymore.

Key idea: use emotional language (not logical language) to introduce yourself in your profile, e.g. “I still secretly miss Spice Girls in the 90s.”  That’s female language that ladies resonate with!


Founded in 2004, has attracted thousands of new members every year.  Hence, John joined this site in March 2017.

After joining this Russian dating site, John started to communicate with Veronika, a beautiful Russian lady.  John looked at Veronika’s photos again and again because Veronika’s eyes are so alluring.

Two months later, John is still chatting with Veronika online.  Sending text messages is so exciting and interesting because John can be whoever he wants to be while typing in front of a computer screen – he can think about what he wants to say carefully before clicking on “send”.

I literally said to John, “Stop sending text messages to each other now, and start talking to Veronika on Skype!”

So John did that.  Surprisingly, John saw a very different face on Skype – Veronika doesn’t really look like the girl in her photos!  Well, there is something called “Photoshop”!

Key idea: get Russian ladies to talk to you on Skype as quickly as possible; otherwise, you may waste a few months chatting with them via sending text messages!


Joe joined in May 2017.  Because the Russian girl that he likes couldn’t speak English, Joe hired a translator to communicate for him.  Joe thought if the Russian lady can’t even speak English, she is less likely to be a scam because most of the time scammers speak fluent English.

However, it seems that Joe’s decision wasn’t quite right.  After communicating with a “Russian girl” called Elena for two weeks, Elena started to tell Joe that she was in financial difficulty because her parents are ill in hospital.  Therefore, Joe began to be more vigilant.  Basically, I told him that anyone who talks about money early on before meeting him in person is probably a scam.  Indeed, a few days later, Elena asked for Joe’s money.  Luckily, Joe is smart enough to report this to the site manager, and the site manager directly reported “Elena” to the police!

Well, obviously, is a reliable Russian dating site because they take real action to help members fight against scammers.

Key ideas:

#1. Don’t get a translator to communicate for you.  If a Russian beauty can’t speak English, it doesn’t mean she is pure or trustworthy.  Ideally, your Russian bride should be able to communicate with you effectively without a translator.

#2. Talking about money very early in the communication is a red flag.

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