Mar 8, 2012

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Lonely and unsecure personals want to find a cute someone and not to waste a lot of time on searching. The is a large dating and matchmaking network that started its work in 2003 and about 1 million personals have already registered on it. The sign up is absolutely free of charge, but with further upgrade. The user may choose either free or premium membership. The premium membership will cost 29.95$ per month and will grant its owner many great possibilities: photo and video uploading, creating blogs, speed dating, advanced searching, and many more. Unfortunately, these features are turned off in free basic account., 9.4 out of 10 based on 3 ratings Visit site
  • Kazrakora

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    When I joined I thought it will be fun to speak and flirt with different guys, I never thought about joining this website for some serious reasons, as I never believed that I can meet my soul mate in such a way. As for me, it looked like a good place for fun and gaining experience in the art of flirting. Trey wrote to me something silly and cute, I don’t even remember what was it, but I liked it so much that I replied (usually I was the one with the initiative who was writing as the first one to a man, because I decided that I am the one who is picking up). We met each other a few months later, and talking to him was just like talking to someone I know for many, many years, I cannot even believe that something like this really exists. So thank you very much for making believe that miracles do happen in this life.
  • GD Star Rating
    Hard to understand their system! Already two days here and still can’t figure out where I can find the video chat tool. They could at least think about members and make the website simple. Don’t know how others find things here, but I have a problem. Rest seems fair for the price they offer.